Western MacDonnell Ranges

The Western Max (1- 2 days)

The Western MacDonnell mountain range is home to a number of spectacular gaps and gorges and areas of cultural significance for Aboriginals.

Some of the places to see are:

  • Ellery Creek Big Hole: A breathtaking waterhole known and used by locals year round and a beautiful spot to relax and have a swim.
  • The Ochre Pits: an ancient place used by aboriginals for thousands of years where they collect ochre for traditional ceremonial body paint and markings.
  • Orminston Gorge: A highlight attraction of the area where students can hike the Ghost Gum walk over a couple of hours that transverses the top and then bottom of the gorge. Here students can sit quietly in the gorge and watch for rock wallabies that live in its crevices.
  • Glen Helen Gorge: Spend the night camping at Glen Helen Resort where students can have a swim in the local waterhole at the based of the sheer gorge cliff walls