Watarrka & Kings Canyon

Watarrka National Park is home to the famous Kings Canyon (2-4 days)

Come and visit indigenous communities and see first hand what life is like in the outback. The locals are proud to teach people about their culture and the kids loving have other kids to kick a footy round with. We have a special relationship with the communities in Kings Canyon, such as Wanmarra, Ulpinyali and especially Lilla.

In two to four days, students can learn about the culture and history of the Luritja country and its people through interactive and guided activities such as: 

  • Walks around the historical and cultural sights of Lilla
  • Sit with local Aboriginal artists and do traditional dot painting or jewellery making with them
  • Learn how to throw the boomerang, spear and woomera
  • Watch and learn traditional sand drawings and hear the cultural stories behind them
  • Depending on the time of year, visit an Aboriginal school and meet the local kids
  • Guided hike of the famous Kings Canyon and see the beauty of the sunrise on the cliff walls
  • Visit the tranquil Garden of Eden within Kings Canyon
  • Visits to other local Aboriginal communities