Alice Springs

These are some of the places you can see in Alice Springs (1-3 days)

Alice Springs is a great place to visit and start your trip. Located in the very heart of Australia, it has a number of interesting attractions that educate students and get them thinking about life in the remote areas of Central Australia before heading outback.

During your stay in Alice Springs we can visit:

  • Alice Springs Telegraph Station. This place marks the site of the first European settlement in Alice Springs in 1872 and was set up to relay messaged between Darwin and Adelaide.
  • Alice Springs Reptile Centre. Get up and close with a hands on demonstration of some unique reptiles and learn some first aid at the same time.
  • Desert Knowledge Park. Here students can watch a birds of prey demonstration and learn about the diversity of this regions native plants and animals
  • Royal Flying Doctor Museum. The worlds most comprehensive aeromedical organisation in the world and an icon of the Australian outback, students can learn of its history and importance for modern day rural living
  • Earth Sanctuary. This place provides an informative ecology and sustainability tour with real life examples of using renewal energy solutions. Students will spend the night camping at the Earth Sanctuary and after dark, get a fascinating introduction to astronomy and telescopic viewing of stars, planets or moons depending on the time of year. (highly recommended)