"Pitchama naygooakoo nooragaroo nayooloo nyuntu nga tjukurpa wankahnye”, (Come to my land and I will tell you a dreamtime story).

We believe that whilst the iconic and beautiful sights of the outback are a must see, its the people in the communities of these areas that will make your trip with us memorable. The indigenous people of the communities visited are deeply connected in spirit to their lands and spending time with them will provide students with insights experiences that only face to face interaction can give.

We find that there is also something special when the local kids enthusiastically interact with visiting schools through play, meal times or class visits as childhood is the perfect breeding ground for breaking down old prejudices and barriers. It may just be kicking the footy around the camp together, or sharing a meal. Feedback from past students always highlights the time spent with people from the communities and the friendships made.