What To Bring

What you need to bring will depend on the time of year you come and the activities you are planning on doing

Prior to your your trip, we will send you a pre-departure pack with information about what to bring but to give you an idea, here's a few things to help you think about what to bring:

Temperature appropriate clothes

Weather conditions in Central Australia can be very extreme, from less than zero degrees celsius at night in winter to over 40 degrees in summer! Depending on the time of year you come will determine what clothes you need to bring. The right clothes such as long sleeve tops, hat and sunglasses will help prevent sunburn which can even occur in winter time. 

Environment appropriate clothes

Remember you are going outback where it is mostly dry, sandy and rocky in places. Practical clothes for walking and camping will make your trip more enjoyable. Sturdy closed in walking shoes are a must. 

Not to little, not too much

Most of the places we go do not have laundry facilities or we may not be there long enough to wash clothes. Bring enough clothes for your trip but too much as to have an excessively large bag as luggage space is limited. You should only bring 3 pieces of luggage. 

  • Your day back pack
  • Your sleeping bag
  • Your main check in bag which needs to be a soft sports type bag (no hard suitcases) no larger than 2-3 times the size of you day back pack 

Other odds and ends

Your camera, cutlery (for school groups), towel, torch, sunnies, and swimmers