Frequently Asked Questions

Can we start and finish our tour from the same or different airports or a hotel?
Yes. We can adjust the itinerary according to where you need to be picked up from and dropped off, even if its at a hotel in Alice Springs or Ayers Rock.

There are some things not in your itinerary I would like to see, can they be included?
We can customise your trip to suit your needs. We will also offer ideas on the best possible outcome for your group. Often people underestimate the distances to be travelled from site to site, so we may offer suggestions to maximise traveller comfort and itinerary efficiency.

Whats the weather like in Central Australia?
Temperatures in Central Australia will vary greatly depending on the time of the year. To give you an idea:

October - April (Summer)   
night: 15 - 20°c 
day: 30 - 40°c (sometimes above 40°c)

May - September (Winter)
night: 0 - 10°c (sometime below 0°c)
day: 20 - 25°c

How do we get there?
Alice Springs and Yulara (Ayers Rock) have domestic airports. The domestic carriers do change their flights periodically so you should check with them or a travel agent about flights during the time you intend to travel. If you need help with flights, we can refer you to a booking agent who specialise in school group bookings. Alternatively we can organise to bring you to NT by coach as some schools like to include the road trip as part of the experience to see more of the Australian countryside.

What is the accommodation like?
Most of the time you will be camping. We sleep in Swags or tents in a camping atmosphere each night during the excursion unless indicated otherwise. Most people like to sleep in their swag under the stars.

What is a swag?
A swag is a waterproof bedroll. In the 19th century a swagman was a nomadic rural worker - who carried their bedroll 'swag' with their belongings wrapped in them on their back. Our swags however are only used for bedding, and are made from authentic canvas – very snuggly and comfortable. You pop your sleeping bag inside, jump in and just enjoy the blanket of stars.

Do you cater for vegetarians? What about other food preferences?
Yes we can cater for vegetarians. If you have a medically diagnosed allergy to a certain food that is common, we can normally cater accordingly for your safety. With personal food preferences, we try to accommodate them where possible when traveling in a large group.

How many passengers can you take?
We have a range of vehicles such as coaster buses and coaches that can take groups of different sizes. We specialise in group excursions and find that the most cost effective number is a minimum of 12 passengers.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow?
School groups will need to bring their own sleeping bags. Most people normally just roll up a towel or jumper and use as a pillow, but if you want to bring one, we suggest a small cushion or travel pillow to save space instead of a bulky full size pillow. We can supply sleeping bags at an additional cost.

Are there other costs I need to pay apart from the quoted price?
Unless indicated in the quote, our prices are all inclusive. There will be opportunities to buy personal items such as drinks or souviner 

How do I make a booking?
You will need to contact us either by email or phone. After we have discussed your requirements and provided you an acceptable quotation, we can reserve a booking for you once a 25% deposit is paid. Your reservation is not guaranteed until your deposit is paid.

How can I cancel a booking?
Yes, but there are terms and conditions. Please see our terms and conditions page on this website regarding cancelling a booking.

Is there mobile phone coverage at the places we visit?
This will depend on your service provider. You should check their coverage maps. We find for regional areas, Telstra has the most coverage. Kings Canyon and Lilla has no mobile coverage at all however there are public phones at the locations we visit. For safety and emergencies, all our vehicles carry a Thuraya satellite phone. We find after a few days of no mobile coverage, Facebook withdrawal wears off.